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inFormED DECision

主要的内容是 make decisions about 做关于。。。的决定 informed 为前置定语 见多识广的 翻译为:做关于。。。的见多识广的决定

informed decision 网 络 明智的决定;知情决定;知情决策;知情的决定 双语例句 1. All those who are immediately involved will be informed of the decision. 把这个决定通知所有直接有关的人. 2. He informed me of your decision. 他把你...

better-informed decision 更知情的决定 双语例句 1 Download it now to see how it can help you make better-informedtravel decisions. 现在就下载,看看它如何能够帮助您做出更明智的旅行的决定。 2 Inferential discrimination can be grad...

inform比较偏,一般表稍正式的通知 notice就比较常用,一般正式非正式的都可以用!!!!

An informed guess or decision is one that likely to be good, because it is based on definite knowledge or information。 意思是:合理推测

Within a short notice you will be informed about the decision 是什么意思?大概多长时间? 作业不会,学霸帮你 立即下载 满意回答 Within a short notice在一个...


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