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make informed decisions 作出明智的决定 Then you can make informed decisions to reduce delays and optimize your server's performance. 然后您可以制定明智的决策来降低延迟和优化服务器的性能。

better-informed decision 更知情的决定 双语例句 1 Download it now to see how it can help you make better-informedtravel decisions. 现在就下载,看看它如何能够帮助您做出更明智的旅行的决定。 2 Inferential discrimination can be grad...

主要的内容是 make decisions about 做关于。。。的决定 informed 为前置定语 见多识广的 翻译为:做关于。。。的见多识广的决定


make a informed decisions 做一个明智的决定

理解这句的重点在于: more informed and have better judgment and perspective than the general public do. 这里,将do提前,所以用“引号”;但直接拿掉肯定是语法错误。整句翻译成: 决策应该一直由专家们拿,因为他们比公众成员更加见多识广...

I will soon prove that your decision of choosing me is the wisest. Thank... Good morning, teachers, I am honored to be informed to have this ...


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